Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew | Media facilities | Uplink satellite | ENG team | Jimmy jib | Video editing | Steadicam | 4K camera hire | Audio boom operator | Crane slider gimbal | Drone expert | Streaming live | TV production | Broadcast service

Camera Crew | Facilities video | Uplink sat | Troupe eng | Jimmy jib | Editing video | Steadicam | 4K camera hire | Audio boom operator | Crane slider gimbal | Drone expert | Streaming live | Tv production

Professional Film Crew Services in Italy - Hire Expert Crew for Your Project

Explore premier video production and equipment rental solutions throughout Italy, spanning iconic cities like Florence, Rome, Milan, and beyond. Our expert camera crews, adept sound recordists, and seasoned directors leverage state-of-the-art technologies, including XDcam HD, P2, HDCAM, HDV, and Mini DV. Whether you're in search of a Jimmy Jib crane, top-tier camera crews, or OB-Van production, we have your needs met.

Experience Cinematic Brilliance in Italy

Elevate your production with our expert camera crews, delivering unparalleled quality in every shot. Our versatile shooting options range from Red cameras to DSLRs, providing you with the flexibility you need. Select from a variety of Jimmy Jib crane lengths, including the Giant, Super, and Extreme, to capture the perfect moment.

Camera Crew Panasonic P2 in Italy

Discover our DSNG/SNG vehicle services designed for seamless live satellite broadcasts. Enhance your production with our proficient English-speaking ENG/DoP Camera Crews, armed with cutting-edge 4K/HD cameras and on-the-go editing expertise.

Explore the Triangle Stanton Extreme with our Jimmy Jib Crane.

Searching for Stanton Jimmy Jib rentals in Italy? Explore our versatile Jimmy Jib Triangle options, featuring a remote control head for flexible shooting. Choose from lengths spanning 6 to 40 feet, accommodating a range of cameras such as Red cameras, DSLRs, and more for both video and film projects.

Jimmy jib Triangle Stanton Extreme

Explore various dimensions and weight choices, ranging from the Standard 6-foot reach to the Extreme 30-foot reach. The Jimmy Jib presents a budget-friendly option, adding a cinematic flair to enhance your production.

Italy rental Jimmy Jib

Professional Troupe ENG Crew

Our Troupe ENG service caters to TV camera crews and production companies, offering a complete team comprising a cameraman and a lighting and sound assistant. We use top-notch equipment, including the Sony FS7 camera kit and Red Epic cameras.

Red camera shooting video

Cutting-Edge OB Van Solutions for High-Quality Broadcast TV Production

Enhance your OB-Van Broadcast TV Production with our seamless experience featuring up to 6 HD cameras, satellite transmissions, and state-of-the-art multi-camera live studios. Our dedicated SNG crews deliver extensive coverage for live events, sports, and news, guaranteeing a professional and reliable broadcast service.

Obvan tv production live event news

Video Facilities Across Italy

Experience high-quality and cost-effective production with our ENG crew, utilizing cutting-edge OB and DSNG vans. Catering to a diverse clientele, from national networks to private companies, we specialize in drone, action cam, and ground shooting in iconic cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice, and Florence.

Studio production video editing Assisi Perugia Umbria Rome

Expert Camera Crew Services for Professional Video Production

Unlock top-tier visual excellence with our Professional Camera Crew Team, ensuring unparalleled expertise and precision in every frame. Elevate your production standards with our seasoned professionals dedicated to capturing moments with finesse and creativity. Explore comprehensive media production services encompassing camera crews, high-definition videos, PAL Camera, and Crew Hire. We meet all market requirements through our commitment to continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and ongoing training.

Troupe XDCAM HD in Italy

Top-notch Uplink SNG Satellite Services for Seamless Connectivity

Unlock the advantages of our OB Van UP-LINK Sat live services, encompassing stand-up, playout, and transmission. Enjoy round-the-clock coverage as our skilled camera operators and editors guarantee dependable remote transmission for live events, sports, and news coverage using cutting-edge LiveU technology and SD/HD satellite uplink.

Uplink sat live video booking

4K Camera Rental and Beyond

Discover our selection of 4K cameras available for rent, featuring renowned models like PXW FS7, EOS C300 Mark II, and Red Epic. Our inclusive equipment packages encompass Zeiss primes, audio recording setups, tripods, director monitors, lighting kits, and skilled camera operators for a seamless production experience.

Eng Crew with Sony FS100 or FS700 in Rome Florence Perugia Assisi Rimini

Professional Soundman and Boom Operator for Exceptional Audio

Boost your audio production with our top-notch soundman/boom operator services. Our skilled team provides comprehensive audio equipment packages tailored for documentaries, fashion events, feature films, and diverse projects, ensuring impeccable sound capture and high-quality results.

Discover Top-notch Camera Crew Services in Italy for Your Professional Needs

  • Live stand-up facilities
  • HD/SD availability, Eutelsat 10A delivery
  • Multiformat tape playout facilities
  • Live stand positions
  • Play out facilities
  • HD/SD DSNG truck on exclusive
  • ENG crew
  • 4G/5G backpacks
  • Exclusive DSNGs and ENGs
  • Pool signals available
  • 2 camera setup
  • Shooting on Sony FS7 or similar
  • Lighting, sound (lapel mic fine), green screen


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Camera Crew Italy

Camera crew

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    • Media Transmission
    • Broadcast Network Services

English Crew Filming in Italy

Hire our professional camera crew in Italy for digital-betacam, freelance filming, and video production needs. We offer a Sony Fs7 camera with Contax Zeiss fast primes lens set, Manfrotto tripod, and skilled camera operators. Our team includes a sound expert with Tascam recorder and Sennheiser wireless mic, equipped with an HMI daylight kit. Technicians are English speakers.

Explore our services for shooting in Rome, Italy, with an English-speaking sound recordist and lighting equipment. Our ENG crew covers Rome, Perugia, Milan, Turin, Florence, Venice, Assisi, Lombardy, Piedmont, Lazio, Umbria, and Tuscany. We provide full HD/SD format equipment for news, entertainment, sports, and video production.

Discover our low-budget kit with Panasonic AG-HPX171 cameras, tripods, Canon C100/C300, Sony F3/F5 cameras, lav mic, shotgun mic, audio recorder, and LED lighting. We operate in Florence, Rome, Milan, Perugia, Assisi, Bologna, Siena, Ancona, Rimini, Pesaro, Viterbo, and Rieti.

Jimmy Jib Service: Specialist Jimmy Jib Triangle Stanton mod. Extreme 30 feet. We offer services for live stand-up, broadcast studio facilities, multiformat tape playout, live stand positions, DSNG truck, ENG crew, 4G/5G backpacks, and exclusive DSNGs and ENGs. Pool signals, 2 camera setups, shooting on Sony FS700s, lighting, sound, and green screen capabilities are also available.

Aviwest, LiveU, Dejero, and TVU backpacks; ENG crews with camera equipment, wired and wireless microphones, editing software, and cameraman. The recorded material can be sent on-site via 4G backpack or FTP. We provide HD and 4K recording equipment, journalists, fixers, producers, etc.