Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew Italy

4K Camera Rental: Sony PXW-FS7, Canon EOS C300 Mark II, EOS-C300, PMW-F55, PMW-F5, PMW-350, EOS 5D Mark III/IV, C200, PXW-X500, PMW 200 EX1 XDCAM

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High Definition (HD) & 4K Camera Rental Services

Rent Sony PXW-FS5 II 4K Cinema Compact Camera in Rome, Milan, Florence, and Italy

  • Camera operator and assistant with:
  • Sony FS5 with raw option;
  • Sony A7s II;
  • Atomos Shogun Flame;
  • Light set: 3x Lupo 6 Tube, 2x Aputure LED Panel, 2x HMI Fresnel;
  • Audio set: Sennheiser EW Radio, cabled mics with different capsules (MKE40, small one, etc.), shotgun mic;
  • Green screen with stands if needed;
  • Ronin M Gimbal if needed;

HD Rental Camera Company, your top choice for camera rental in Italy. We offer the largest and most modern selection of cinema equipment, specialized technical assistance, and excellent services.

Rent Cinema Camera in Italy

Location Equipment Specialists

Camera rental and production services based in Italy, with locations in Rome, Milan, Florence, and Assisi. We specialize in Canon Cinema EOS C300 and Sony XDCAM EX cameras. Our production services have a proven track record in commercials, documentaries, TV shows, and news segments.

Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35

The Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System is a flexible 4K camera designed for various productions, including "Cinéma Vérité" documentaries, reality TV, commercials, and corporate applications. It features a Super 35mm sensor for cinematic depth of field.

Rent Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35

Available for short films, feature films, documentaries, music videos, or corporate videos. Capable of internal recording in DCI 4K (4096x2160px) up to 60fps and 1080p up to 180fps for incredible slow-motion. Equipped with the same Super 35 sensor as the Sony F5.

With the S–Log3 gamma, the FS7 provides up to 14 stops of dynamic range. It has 2x XLR 48v audio inputs, 2x 3G-SDI/HD-SDI outputs, HDMI 2.0 (4K) output, and records in the XAVC 4:2:2 10bit HQ codec. It can also record RAW 12bit 4K/2K 240fps with the XDCA-FS7 extension unit and external recorder (not included). Remote control via Wi–Fi from smartphones, tablets, PCs is possible, and it records GPS metadata.

Rented with base accessories (XQD G memory cards, batteries, charger, etc.) + included lenses adapted with the latest Metabones EF-E Speed Booster ULTRA (increases maximum aperture by 1 stop).

*Other equipment available for rent (only in bundle with the FS7): 7″ HD monitor, Sennheiser mic boom, 100cm slider, tripod, LED light panel.

Sony FS7 (Zeiss lenses set or Canon L series zoom lenses) with a cameraman and soundman equipped with Metabones Canon adapter (speedbooster or regular, or both), batteries, XQD cards, card reader, and tripod (Manfrotto or Cartoni). Additional options include a pelican case with Zeiss superfast primes or a Canon L zoom for extra lenses, or a "travel" light kit: 2x Lupo fluorescent bank (6 tubes), 2x HMI Fresnel, 1x Bowens HMI with softbox, 2x LED panel 1x1 Vlock powered.

Canon EOS C300

Canon C300 Package EF Rental

Crew and kit rental in Italy, including Canon C300 Package, 24-70mm Lens, 70-200mm Lens, Tripod, LED Panels, Basic Sound - Lavalier Mic / Top Mic.

Panasonic AG-UX180 DVCPRO HD Camcorder PAL

Rent Panasonic HPX171E DV, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD 1080i and 720p

The AG-UX180 is an ultra-mobile P2 HD handheld camcorder featuring full, 4:2:2 independent frame production quality HD and solid-state recording. As the lightest member of the P2 Series, it weighs only 1.9 Kg, ensuring exceptional mobility. The AG-UX180 introduces a newly designed camera section with a 28 mm wide-angle zoom lens, the widest in its class, and a newly developed 1/3-inch 16:9 progressive CCD for low-noise, low-smear performance. Combined with the use of DVCPRO HD codec, known for its broadcasting quality, it provides exceptional HD recording quality.

Red Cinema 4K Camera Rental in Italy

Rent Red Cinema Camera in Italy

Discover the Power of Red Cinema Scarlet Epic Raven Scarlet-W Weapon for Your Shoot with Optimo Angenieux Lens (24-290mm or Similar), Equipped with a Viewfinder, and Follow Focus. Our Team Provides a Digital Tech/Camera Assistant for the Shooting Days. Equipment Pickup and Drop-off Services Available in Milan, Turin, Rome, Pisa, Florence, Tuscany, Assisi, Perugia, Ravenna, Rimini, Ancona, and Other Central Italy Destinations.

Sony F5 PMW Super35mm Camera

Experience the Full HD 4K CMOS Sensor Compact CineAlta Camcorder - Records HD/2K on SxS Memory with 16-bit RAW 2K/4K Output

Unleash Stunning Images with the Sony 4K Sensor.

The PMW-F5 CineAlta Camera Captures Spectacular Images with Its 8.9 Megapixels (Effective) Sony 4K Image Sensor. Enjoy Superior, Super-sampled Pictures with Higher Contrast, Rich Color Reproduction, and Greater Clarity. The Camera Offers Robust Built-in Recording Modes, All with Vibrant 4:2:2 Color. Irresistible Options Include the Precision of 16-bit Linear RAW 2K/4K Recording and High-speed Shooting at Up to 120 fps Without Cropping.

Choose from Multiple Recording Formats, Including HD/2K on SxS Memory and 16-bit RAW 2K/4K on AXSM Media.

Professional Camera Operator/DoP + Audio Specialist

  • Our Sony PMW F5 Package Includes a Matte Box
  • Shoulder Rig
  • Follow Focus,
  • SxS Card, Viewfinder,
  • 7'' HD Monitor,
  • 4x V-lock Batteries, and a Charger.

Kit Lens Options:

  • Rokinon Cine 16mm f2,
  • Rokinon Cine 24mm f1.4,
  • Zeiss Contax 28mm f2,
  • Zeiss Contax 35mm f1.4,
  • Zeiss Contax 50mm f1.4,
  • Zeiss Contax 85mm f1.4,
  • Zeiss Contax 100mm f2,
  • Zeiss Contax 135mm f2, 50mm and 90 mm Macro Lens, 8mm Fisheye.
  • Sennheiser Mic Kit: 2x Lavallier, 1x Boom with Shotgun Mic.

Additional Equipment:

  • Daylight Light Kit (2x Small Bowens HMI with Softbox
  • 2x Medium Fresnel HMI with Softbox)
  • 1x LED Battery-powered Panel
  • 1x Minikino Small Jib
  • 2-meter Steadicam

Rent Sony F3 Super35 PMW Camera

Hire an ENG Crew in Florence, Milan, Venice, Rome, Assisi, Perugia, Todi, Spoleto, Turin, Rimini, Ancona. Our Crew Can Conveniently Send Materials to Clients via FTP.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Explore the capabilities of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a versatile lens setup, including a wide zoom lens (f/2.8), tele zoom lens (f/2.8), and a 50mm f1.4 or f1.8 lens. Complete your kit with essential accessories like the Juiced Link or Zoom H4n, Tascam DR40, and two Sennheiser wireless lavalier mics.

Rent Canon 5D Mark II in Italy

Whether it's a corporate shoot or documentary, our English-speaking cameraman and soundman are equipped with a C300 kit or a similar setup to match previous C300 footage.

Rent Slider Camera for Video in Italy

Discover the Sony FS100 kit, complete with memory cards, batteries, additional monitor or EVF, Canon adapter speed booster, and tripod. We also offer the Sony FS7 with the same comprehensive kit.

Blackmagic Camera Rental

Blackmagic Camera 4K Equipment for Hire

Choose from a lens kit that includes:

  • Samyang 24mm f1.4,
  • Zeiss Contax lenses (28mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 100mm f2, 135mm f2),
  • Leica R 180mm f2.8,
  • Tamron 90mm macro f2.5, and more.
  • Our equipment also features a Steadicam with operator, audio gear with Sennheiser wireless mic and Tascam recorder, and a variety of lights for your production needs.

Equipment Highlights:

  • 2 Lupolux HMI (800W equivalent)
  • 2 Linkstar 150 (600W equivalent) daylight
  • 1 Coolights LED panel
  • Canon 6D with various lenses
  • Slider, matte box, follow focus, ND filter
  • Sony FS100 with Canon adapter Metabones speed booster

Explore our camera equipment rental options in Florence, including Sony FS7, F5, RED Scarlet packages, Canon 5D MkIII packages, basic tripods, and sound equipment.

For local DSLR rentals like Canon 5D/7D/6D or professional cameras such as Canon C300 Mk2, EX1, Blackmagic, along with lenses, mics, tripods, and lighting equipment, we've got you covered.

Equipment Details:

  1. Tripod: Benro A373FBV6H (light legs with S6 head) or upgrade to S8 head, Benro S8 head with Cartoni 75mm tripod legs, Manfrotto 504 with Cartoni 75mm tripod legs, or Manfrotto hi-hat.
  2. Lights: Lupo Super Light Fluorescent, Aputure LS 1/2 LED panel, Falcon Eyes LP-DB512CT LED panel (bi-color).


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Camera Crew Italy

Rent High-Quality Cameras and Equipment

If you're in need of video and audio equipment rental, we offer a selection that includes a 4K video camera (preferably Sony FS5), lenses, monitors, tripods, lighting packages, and wireless pin microphones.

For shoots in Central Italy, consider renting the Canon C300 or a RED Scarlet.

Rent Red Scarlet or Red Epic in Italy

Explore our selection, which includes the Sony FS100 with a Canon adapter and various lenses, along with a Manfrotto 504 tripod.

Our team comprises experienced reporters and cameramen equipped with HD gear, such as the Sony FS700, Samurai recorder, Canon adapter, and Zeiss lenses (28mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 100mm f2).

We also offer a comprehensive set of Zeiss prime lenses with manual focus (28mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 100mm f2), along with a Samyang 24mm f1.4, Tamron 17mm f3.5, and a fisheye 16mm f2.8—all featuring manual focus.

Professional Camera Gear

  • Sony FS100 with Canon lens adapter
  • Zeiss lens kit (all f1.4/f2, 6 lenses) or Canon zoom lenses 70-200mm f4 IS and 24-105mm. Gunmike, bum, 2 XLR cables, and headphones included.
  • 2x Lupolight 800 HMI Fresnel
  • 1x Coollights 256 LEDs
  • 2x Linkstar LDI 150 HMI Bowens
  • 2x 800W quartz
  • 3x 1000W quartz Ianiro Iadifill
  • 2x 1000W quartz Fresnel (DeSisti + Ianiro)

Red Epic or Red Scarlet Camera Hire in Italy

  • 1 Divalight 4Bank 120cm plus Stand
  • 1 500W Fresnel plus Stand
  • 2 C-stands
  • 1 Styro 1x1m white plus Styrogabel
  • 1 Floppy
    Folienset (WD Full/ CTO 1/2 /CTB 1/2)
  • 4 Sandbags
  • Cables/ Multiplug, Extension Cables
  • Sony NEX FS100 Super35mm + external ProRes recorder + speed booster (crop 1x) (records ProRes 422 8-bit)
  • Blackmagic camera with Canon mount (crop 2x) or M4/3 mount with Canon speedbooster (crop 1.5x) (records RAW or ProRes 422 10-bit) 1 BMC 2 BMC
  • Sony PMW F5 (records 422 10-bit XAVC) all cameras come with batteries, cards/hard drives, additional HD monitor for the DOP, matte box, ND filters, follow focus, and Manfrotto 504HD tripod.
  • Wireless monitoring kit available for the cameras (24'' IPS monitor)
  • 2m Minijib, 9m Jimmy Jib, and Steadicam Easysteadi with subright monitor available
  • Zeiss prime lens kit: 28mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 100mm f2, 135mm f2
  • Fixed lenses with Canon mount: 8mm f3.5 fisheye, 16mm f2.8 fisheye, 17mm f3.5, 24mm f1.4, 55mm f1.2, 85mm f1.4, 135mm f2, 180mm f2.8, 50mm f2.8 macro, 90mm f2.8 macro
  • Zoom lenses with Canon mount: 11-16mm f2.8, 24-105mm f4 IS L, 70-200mm f4 IS L, 50-300mm f4.5, 150-500mm f5.6
  • For an accurate rental cost evaluation of lenses, we need to know your specific needs and duration.
  • We can provide cameras and lenses with material delivery, accompanied by our technician for a few days to familiarize you with the equipment; or provide both equipment and technician, serving as camera operator/assistant DOP/DIT for footage management.

Camera and Jib Rental Services in Italy

Experience the excellence of our camera and jib rental services in Italy, featuring the Sony PMW F5 with Canon mount and shoulder mount kit, along with a remote focus unit and a set of Zeiss primes (28/35/50/85/100/135). Canon zooms (11-16, 70-200, 24-105) and Sony FS100 or Sony FS700 serve as B Cameras with Canon mounts. Our lighting setup includes 1x battery-powered Coolights LED panel, 2x HMI Fresnel Lupolux 800, 2x Bowens HMI 600 (with mattebox), 1x Lupo-like Kino Flo 2x55w. Our cameras are highly light-sensitive, requiring minimal lighting, such as the LED panel or a reflector. We employ a lightweight tripod, ensuring a fast setup by our skilled operators.

Red Scarlet Rental in Italy

Professional Sound Services

Our English-speaking sound professionals come equipped with a boom pole, mixer (recording directly to your camera), and radio mics. Our equipment inventory includes a DSLR tripod, radio microphone, and a 4x Dedo headlight kit.

Explore the world of filmmaking, movie production, film marketing, and more.

Sony FS7 Rental

We offer the Sony FS7 with a basic kit comprising the camera:

  • 4x XQD 64GB cards,
  • BPU batteries, and a shoulder pad.
  • Additional options include a V-lock plate, larger batteries, the Sony 18-105 power zoom lens, and other lenses like Canon zooms (11-16/24-70/70-200/120-300) or a set of Zeiss primes.
  • Our package may include a Cartoni tripod and a light kit with options for HMI Fresnel LED panels or battery-powered Lupo 2-tube lighting.
  • SNG+OB with HD/SD cameras;
  • Lighting facilities;
  • Live positions and Studio productions;
  • ENG crew:
  • Program director,
  • Cameraman,
  • Soundman,
  • Video Engineers,
  • Technicians;
  • Teleport and play out;
  • WEB streaming and public internet signal transmission;

Camera Department

  • Gimbal: Moza Air 2
  • Dolly System like: Glide Gear
  • DEV 4 Video Camera Roller
  • Track Dolly System
  • Tripod: Benro A373F Series 3 AL Video Tripod & S8 Head
  • Drone: DJI Mavic Air


  • Boom pole, dead cat, blimp
  • Sound boom

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Camera tripod with pan head
  • 4x C-Stand - Flag (black)
  • Bounce (white) for tripod mount
  • 3x Griphead
  • Aputure 300D II (or similar for film)
  • 4x Sandbag