Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew Italy

Professional Steadicam and Gimbal Services for Smooth Cinematic Shots

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Steadicam Rental Services in Italy

Easy Steady Lite 'n Go kit, featuring a Transvideo Cine 3 monitor for outdoor use and a large vest suitable for individuals over 80kg. Compatible with Sony EX3 (composite mode). Professional operators available for Steadicam services.

Steadicam Rental in Italy

  • Sony FS700 with Metabones Speedbooster
  • Zeiss lens set (28mm f2/35mm f1.4/50mm f1.4/85mm f1.4/100mm f2)
  • Canon zoom (11-16mm f2.8/70-200mm L/24-105mm L)
  • Easy Steady Lite with Transvideo monitor
  • Lupolight HMI 800 (2x, 300k or 5600k lamp)
  • Steadicam operator
  • Atomos Samurai
  • Minijib

Professional Steadicam Rental in Italy: Rome, Milan, Florence

Hire Steadicam equipment, including a vest, to support Sony PMW-EX3 HD video camera for low-budget art projects.

For EFP shoots, rely on our excellent team of professionals who collaborate closely to achieve the best results, utilizing Steadicams, Jimmy Jib cranes, dollies, or any necessary equipment to enhance your video.

Hire Steadicam for Your Shoot

Wondering which camera to mount on it? Our larger Steadicam models are compatible with C100/C300 and Sony FS7/FS5/F5/F3 but may not be the best choice for DSLRs. If you desire the larger Steadicam with a pre-balanced camera sled, we can provide it. Our available cameras include A7S Mk2, FS100, and FS7, paired with Tokina 11-16 or Sigma 18-35 lenses.

Gimbal Options: Tilta G2X or Ronin M

Choose Between Tilta G2X or Ronin M for Your Gimbal Needs

Equip your camera with high-quality rigs suitable for DSLR and larger cameras. Explore the new generation of gimbals.

Rent DJI Camera Drones

Rent DJI Camera Drones

Rent the DJI Mini 3 Pro (with DJI RC), a foldable and lightweight drone featuring 4K/60fps, 48MP camera, 34-minute flight time, less than 249g, front/rear/bottom obstacle avoidance, and Return-to-Home (RTH) functionality. Rent your drone when you need it.


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Camera Crew Italy

Steadicam Rental Services: Explore the Best with Lite 'n Go

Lite 'n Go offers the optimal Steadicam solution for independent video-makers seeking high-performance systems. Tailored for the latest generation of HD Cameras and Video Reflex, Lite 'n Go supports a maximum weight of up to 17 kg (37.47 lbs).

Discover our range of services and equipment, including camcorder accessories, camera equipment, skilled Steadicam operators, digital video editing, and filming in Italy. We specialize in glidecam, helicam production, Steadicam accessories, and more. Whether you need Steadicam professionals, services, sleds, or vests, Lite 'n Go is your go-to choice for studio television, TV video, and top-notch video production. Capture your moments with finesse!